About Us

Howdy, Karissa here! Let me tell you my story.

Meet Karissa

I was born and raised in rural North Dakota on my family’s 3rd generation farm. I grew up showing 4-H steers and running farm equipment. I love farm life, and all things agriculture - so I attended North Dakota State University (go bison!) and graduated with a degree in Agricultural Economics. I thought I knew what I wanted to be. I was going to be a banker, and I was on that path and in training - but it just wasn’t fulfilling my dreams. So I started thinking about what else is out there.

I have always wanted to open my own business. Boutiques have a special place in my heart, I LOVE boutiques, and I think I have a unique style that so many people would love. One day I running grain cart on my family farm near Arnegard, North Dakota, and I did it. I stated the foundation of the Ellsworth Boutique Company.

I married my best friend on June 5th 2021 and we are living our dream. I work in town at the local soil conservation and Blake (my husband) works on a ranch. Blake also helps me run the Ellsworth Boutique Company and I love getting to work alongside him.

What do we have in common?

Farmer’s daughter | Ranch hand’s wife | Soil conservationist | Western lifestyle lover | Candy lover | Agriculture Advocate | Fashion lover

The Ellsworth Boutique Company

Ellsworth is a township and former town in Western North Dakota. My family homesteaded in Ellsworth, and many generations have continued to live in the Ellsworth township. Ellsworth is a settlement of cowboys and farmers that came here to built a life for their families. I love the heritage of Ellsworth and that is why I named my western shop after the community I grew up in and love.